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Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Auto, truck and motorcycle accidents are frightening experiences that affect millions of people every year. In fact, over 2 million people were injured in car and motorcycle accidents in 2006 alone! The truth is, despite our best efforts to be safe on the road, there will always be those individuals who needlessly endanger the lives of others with reckless driving.

Automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries that can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Particularly damaging are brain injuries that are often sustained in car, truck and motorcycle accidents through whiplash or direct impact. When serious injuries like this occur, people must not only deal with the emotional and physical aspects of recovery, but also the financial burdens that come along with catastrophic injuries. These financial burdens can be overwhelming-especially if you are having difficulty receiving compensation from an insurance company or the party responsible for your injuries.

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, an auto, truck or motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand the types of damages for which you may seek compensation. In many cases, car, truck and motorcycle accident victims are entitled to financial recovery for medical expenses, prescription drug costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. As experienced auto, truck and motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Philadelphia and Camden, we can help you determine exactly what you are entitled to in damages and aggressively fight to get you the maximum recovery you are entitled to under the law.

To learn more about your rights as a car, truck or motorcycle accident victim, contact the experienced auto, truck and motorcycle accident lawyers in Philadelphia and Camden at the Law Offices of Donald F. Manchel & Associates. We pride ourselves on helping injury victims recover the compensation they need and deserve after an auto, truck or motorcycle accident. With our unique one-on-one approach, we are always accessible to our clients and able to provide our clients with the personal service they deserve.

We serve personal injury victims in the greater Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey, including New Brunswick, Camden and Cherry Hill. In addition to car, truck and motorcycle accidents, our attorneys handle all types of automobile related accidents such as train accidents and defective tire accidents. To speak with one of our experienced automobile and motorcycle accident lawyers in New Jersey or Pennsylvania call 215-569-2100 (in Pennsylvania) or 856-988-9994 (in New Jersey).