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Wrongful Death Lawyers

The loss of a loved one for any reason is a difficult experience to go through. But when a death is caused by someone else's action or inaction, the loss can be truly devastating. So many questions go unanswered. So many hopes are dashed. And so many hearts are broken.

A wrongful death can have a profound effect on a family, especially if the person was the primary provider for the family. Families must deal with important legal and financial matters during a time of deep mourning and stress. Many families are unprepared for the financial burden of a funeral in addition to the costs of daily living. Surviving family members may, therefore, seek compensation for funeral costs, loss of companionship, loss of future income, pain and suffering and perhaps additional damages that an experienced attorney can discuss with you.

If you believe your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, contact the Philadelphia and New Jersey wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Donald F. Manchel & Associates. Our attorneys take great pride in helping grieving families recover damages from a wrongful death. We know that the value of a life is irreplaceable and no amount of money will ever satisfy the loss of your loved one. We also know that you need money to get through these difficult times and that the person responsible for your loved one’s death needs to be held accountable for their actions. For this reason, we aggressively fight for the maximum recovery possible for our clients.

Our unique one-on-one approach allows us to work compassionately with the families we represent and give them the legal support and personal attention they need during this difficult time. We serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey, including New Brunswick, Camden and Cherry Hill. In addition to wrongful death, our attorneys handle all types of serious personal injury claims such as brain injuries and products liability. To speak with one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers call 215-569-2100 (in Pennsylvania) or 856-988-9994 (in New Jersey).